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Processos Laffi Filtration

LAFFI has a highly qualified technical staff to assist in the design and execution of complex systems for the treatment of water and other liquids.


The systems that we are able to develop may have or even all of the technologies below:

  • Softner;

  • Dechlorination;

  • Demineralization;

  • Osmosis filtration;

  • Chlorination;

  • Pressurization;

  • Particle separation;

  • Mechanical barrier;

  • Automatic control;

  • Manual control;

  • UV lamp;

  • Nanofiltration;

  • Ultrafiltration;


They are pre-conceived projects that we can modulate the client's need, taking into account the physical space, implementation speed and startup.


  • Industries: boilers, condensers, process, cooling towers, high pressure generators, manufacturing of electronic components, electroplating, reverse osmosis pre-treatment and others;

  • Processes: cosmetics, chemicals, ARLA 32, battery water, manufacture of mirrors, high pressure generators, manufacture of electronic components and others;

  • Desalination of seawater;

  • Reuse of effluents;

  • Hotels and Motels: laundries, boilers, water hardness reduction;

  • Laundries: saving soap and others, better washing efficiency;

  • Malls: cooling systems, cooling towers;

  • Hospitals: autoclaves, boilers, laundry, cooling towers;

  • Water treatment;

  • Processes that require the need for disinfection, oxidation and TOC reduction;

  • Manufacture of cosmetics;

  • Manufacture of medicines;

  • Manufacture of concentrated juices;

  • Laboratories;

  • Mineral water;

  • Disinfection after dechlorinated water (Carbon Filter Outlet);

  • Manufacture of water-based inks and pigments;

  • Beverage & food industries;

  • Reduction of organic compounds;

  • Production of pure or ultrapure water;

  • Processes in general;





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