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Anti-Drug Policy

DBD Filters, manufacturer of LAFFI FILTRATION products, aware of its social responsibilities, recognizes that excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs are harmful to the health and well-being of the population, and cause damage to family life, traffic, society and companies, in this way seeks to guide its employees with preventive actions and measures in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • To guarantee the employees' awareness periodically about the damage caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs to health and safety, through lectures and campaigns.

  • Provide guidance on the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the observation of behavioral changes in people that may affect the quality and safety of the work environment.

  • Prohibit the use and / or carrying of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illicit drugs on the company's premises or in third-party facilities where services are performed or when presenting to the drunk or drugged service, any of which may be subject to a penalty.

  • Develop leaders capable of identifying behavioral deviations in order to inspect the internal population and promote interaction in order to guide according to the guidelines of Decree No. 7,426 of January 11, 2011 from the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship coordinated by SENAD.

  • Carry out periodic campaigns to raise the awareness of its employees at all levels about the negative health impacts that the consumption of alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs can cause.

DBD FILTROS has as its principle and culture, to provide its employees, service providers, suppliers, customers and visitors with health and safety conditions, considers it essential that in all two activities, products and services, their values and their concern for man and society.

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