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We, from DBD Filters, manufacturer of LAFFI FILTRATION products, aware of our responsibilities and aligned with the concepts of transparency and ethics in the conduct of our business activities, introduced the Code of Conduct that must be observed and followed by all our employees, collaborators , suppliers, service providers and executive members.


This Code must also be disclosed to our customers and other audiences with whom we have business relationships.


The Code of Conduct involves a company's values, Principles and Actions. Provides guidance to employees and managers. It summarizes the essential principles on which acts should be based and provides guidance to help stakeholders and effectively manage the legal and ethical challenges they face in their day-to-day operations.


According to the code of conduct below, the communication of any possible complaints, advice and assistance related to it is sent to the email by the eventual whistleblower, who will have all the compromise negotiations of absolute secrecy. of the DIRECTIVE COMMITTEE .

Below you will find ten compliance principles from Laffi Filtration employees. You can consult it in case of doubts.



  • No conflict of interest

  • No to bribery

  • No to insider trading

  • No unfair competition

  • No accounting fraud

  • No disclosure of confidential information

  • Not the misuse and damage of company equipment and infrastructure

  • No to the use of company assets for personal interests

  • No to environmental risk

  • No discrimination or harassment

Read our code of conduct!

Code of Conduct

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