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Centrifugal Separator Set for sand removal SRA-60 for PCH-2 Platform

System identification:

Centrifugal Separator Set for sand removal SRA-60, installed on the PCH-2 Oil platform.


Reduction of residence time for production separators. Total or partial production stop to remove accumulated sand. Abrasion of valves, accessories, pumps and instruments. Risk of oil leakage due to premature wear of components.

Centrifugal Separator Set SRA-60
Centrifugal Separator Set SRA-60

Solids involved:



Installation of the Centrifugal Separator Set for Sand Removal - SRA - 60, consisting of a Centrifugal Separator Filter, two Sand Collecting Vessels, a fully instrumented progressive cavity pump, allowing the continuous removal of the produced sand without the need to stop production.

Lay-out of the installed system
Lay-out of the installed system

In the return of the clean oil to the separator, the distribution line (fish bone), already existing, was used, and “Nozzles Eductors” were added, allowing a uniform and turbulent sweep of the separator bed.

Before | After
Before | After

The solid collector accumulates the separated, practically liquid-free sand in 44 bags, allowing a quick and clean removal without stopping the system that continues to remove the sand and accumulating in the separator body itself. The collector's campaign for this application is 10 days.


Occupying a minimum of physical space, the SRA-60 is equipped with a flow meter for maximum efficiency monitoring and adjustment. Its system of continuous action of sand removal will allow the PCH-2 Platform to completely eliminate production stops for manual removal of sand from the production separators.

Detail of the Centrifugal Separator Set
Detail of the Centrifugal Separator Set

Other installations of CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR SETS with similar applications:

Oil platform P-25.

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