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SMS Policy

Security, Health and Enviroment

Our collective commitment is to guarantee DBD FILTROS a safe and healthy workplace, committed to caring for life, the environment and promoting ethical and safe behavior.

Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy covers topics such as education, training and behavior of the workforce according to the guidelines below:

  • Continuously improve methods, systems and processes, through the improvement of activities carried out at all levels, contributing to business competitiveness, always having as support the Environmental Management System, Health and Safety at Work;

  • Reduce risks to people's safety and health and strengthen process safety;

  • Take care of each other in the work environment and, when in doubt, stop and seek help;

  • Prevent and minimize environmental impacts of projects, processes and products;

  • Prevent, monitor and control the impacts of our activities on the communities where we operate;

  • Strengthen the HSE culture with a focus on education, training and awareness;

  • Transparently communicate information and performance in SMS;

  • Seek alignment with the industry's best HSE practices, in accordance with legislation, regulation, norms and standards;

  • Predict and respond promptly to emergency situations;

  • Require suppliers and partners to respect HSE requirements and recommendations;

DBD FILTROS has as a principle and culture, to provide its employees, service providers, suppliers, customers and visitors, safety and health conditions, it considers it essential that in all two activities, products and services, its values and its concern for Man and Society.


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